The Process

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Mobile App Production & Promotion

The Process

Want to begin extending your business into the mobile realm with a beautiful and powerful smartphone app? That’s great!

The next question is where you go from here. At [COMPANY] we have a very straightforward and standardized process we take our clients through that makes creating your own app as easy as stress-free as possible. This process is designed to ensure that our clients feel in control at every step and to facilitate seamless communication so that the product you end up with exactly reflects your requirements and your vision.

Initial Meeting

The creation of your app will begin with an initial meeting to discuss your business, what your goals are and how you envisage your app looking at the end of the project. We will listen carefully to your ideas and needs while at the same time offering guidance and consultation based on our considerable experience and expertise. This is when you can let us know what features you require, if you need any extra services (such as marketing) and what your objectives are.

Clarify Proposal

Once we have a clear idea of your specific requirements and the workings of your business, we will then be able to give you a detailed proposal and quote. From there it’s entirely up to you whether or not to go ahead with the development of your app.


With the proposal and quote ready, we can then prepare your contract if you do decide to proceed. This will outline the full Scope of Work and ensure both parties are completely happy with the arrangement.

Kick-Off Meeting

Working with local clients, we next like to arrange a face to face meeting to kick-off the production. This way we can discuss any further intricacies and once again confirm all the finer details.


Wireframing means creating an outline of your app so that you can see the framework of the user interface. This is what will provide the basic structure and we will refer back to you to ensure you’re entirely satisfied with the set-up and that it includes everything you need it to.


With the wireframing complete, we will then go on to implement the branding and layout and to add additional media. This is what will make your app pop and come to life and if you have any assets such as logos or HD images you would like us to use, this would be the time to supply them.

Development and Testing

Next begins the actual development of your app. Here we will bring it all together and make sure it actually functions properly. This is also when we’ll add the functionality of extra features like books and Amazon stores. After development, stress testing is necessary to ensure that your app is completely reliable and will work across all devices.


Finally is the launch! We will help you to upload your app and set up its listing in the iTunes and Android store and if you need marketing, we’ll also help to spread the word to build buzz for the release and help you find a wide audience. This is always an exciting time for the local businesses we work with, so now would be a good time to enjoy a glass of champagne!

Get in touch today and we’ll happily discuss your app in more detail!