How We Help

We use a unique system called ABC™ to diagnose and treat a huge variety of conditions. Some people approach us to help with body pain. Pain is the body trying to get your attention to remedy a problem. Through life’s challenges, the body usually fixes itself- think of a scab forming to heal a cut. When it can’t fix itself, the body has to create workarounds or compensations. These compensations help the body function despite there being problems. As compensations build up over time, this increasingly reduces the body’s ability to function normally and cope with the stresses of daily life. With ABC™, we focus on unwinding, gradually reducing the need of the body to compensate. This transforms how the body works and gets rid of pain. This process is entirely unique to each person. Common improvements include a pain relief, better movement for all areas of the body, headache and migraine relief. As the body unwinds, it also pops up resulting in a straighter back and open, lighter breathing. Our posture improves, we stand straighter and the body works.

The spine is the central axis of the body. Everything hangs off it- arms, legs, pelvis, ribs, etc. The spine is designed to hold in balance the weight of the body- front, back and sides- when in stillness or movement. The bones are held in place by ligaments and muscles. It is complex system that works as a whole- when there is a change in one part, the rest changes to accommodate. When a bone is knocked from it’s perfect position, the muscles can be used to bring it back to normal. This happens without us being consciously aware- when we stretch or move or sleep. However, when a spinal bone is pushed forwards, there is no muscle directly behind to make the correction. The body can’t fix this.  ABC™ works by correcting the position of bones that the body can’t fix itself- minimum adjustments for maximum change. Without the misplaced bones, the muscles can do the jobs they were really designed to do rather than binding up in compensations.

Many people consider that getting stiff and gradually loosing the ability to move generally is part of getting older. Whilst our body certainly change, for example, we loose collagen content in our tissues. The stiffening up of the body, however, is largely down to the gradual build-up of displaced bones and the resultant compensations winding up the muscles. We regularly see patients feeling and looking younger as a result of this treatment. We focus of long-lasting body transformation. This requires time and money on your part to get it right. This is not a short-term fix. Many therapies are designed to make you feel good and keep you going in the short-term. For real change, the body needs time to unwind and restructure. Please look at the success stories for examples of this.

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