About Radiant Health

Dr. Nick Parry MChiro BSc

is the principal chiropractor at Radiant Health

Nick is dedicated to the health and welfare of all guest to the clinic. He has many years experience working with people who present with a huge variety of conditions. He specialises in Postural Correction and chronic pain conditions by helping the body unwind through layers of compensations and correcting the cause.

People normally come to see Nick whilst in pain. Becoming pain-free is so important. Pain is the body communicating with you, trying to get you to pay attention and change something. For many people, pain can dissipate quickly whilst long-term holding patterns remain. Nick caters for people who just want to stop the pain, but he prefers to work with those who want to make long-term life-changing progress. This can take longer depending on the person.

Nick spends his spare time beekeeping, windsurfing and running.

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