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We correct the body structurally so that it can fix itself. By identifying the cause of the problem and correcting it, the body works the way it is supposed to. With Advanced Biostructural Correction™ you feel and look great with lasting improvements. Nothing else works as well for posture and pain relief.

I came to see Nick as I bent over permanently after an illness. I struggled to do the simplest of things because of pain. I struggled to walk, and I
had to leave the job I loved. My pain has greatly reduced, and I can now do everyday tasks and even attend the gym. I now have next to no pain
at the halfway point of my treatment course. Nick is a great, friendly and professional person who works wonders and knows what he’s doing.
Before I met Nick, I thought I would have to adapt my life to being hunched over and in pain. But he’s transformed my life.

Jamie Monkman 2018

I came to see Nick due to problems as a result of lumbar spondylolisthesis causing sciatic pain in left side. As a result of that tightness and pains in right hand side occurred sporadically. Surgical consultant suggested I sought chiropractor help to prevent/reduce need for surgery. I am living with pain, sleep discomfort, walking/standing for prolonged periods of time. Since first treatment my pain has mostly gone and I have more knowledge about how to reduce symptoms of pain. I can walk longer without any pain. I would definitely recommend Nick.

A.C. 2019

How can Nick Parry help you?

If posture, structure, breathing well, clarity, vibrant health, keeping young, performance, wellness or simply rapid symptomatic relief are your priorities in life. Nick Parry can help you achieve these goals using ABC™(Advanced Bio-Structural Correction).

How does it work?

Nick Parry Doctor of Chiropractic will test your body to find which adjustments are necessary. Adjustments are made to joints that have moved forward and also to deeply held meningeal adhesions that compromise the neural system. The treatments gradually unwind your body, clearing old injuries and trauma from your body’s structures.

About Us

Find Nick Parry at:

Radiant Health Chiropractors

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Call: 07939 078782

Contact Nick now to arrange an appointment

First Visit

You will be one-to-one with your chiropractor. A thorough history of your case history will be taken, followed by a full physical examination. A postural analysis is made at the end of the appointment. This visit will normally take 1 hour.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill in essential paperwork.

Your chiropractor will sit with you and go through your diagnosis in detail. They will offer advice and may recommend a treatment plan. Once you’ve agreed about how you want to proceed, you may be treated with chiropractic care.

Treatment may be offered on your first visit but the main focus is on getting all the necessary information to make a diagnosis.

Second Visit

This adjustment session will take 40 minutes.

It includes a ABC treatment but we will also spend time going through how to best look after yourself

Simply Do This First, Then You Can Do This As Well.

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