At Radiant Health, we use techniques that get the job done better than any others

Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC)

Endonasal Treatment

A lot of work has gone into creating the perfect treatment that implicitly understands how the body works.

  • Spinal bones can self-correct in any direction but backwards. There are muscles that can manoeuver bones, but because there are no muscles behind the spine, they cannot move backwards. Instead, when a bone is moved forward due to posture or trauma, the rest of the body has to compensate to keep functioning. Over time, the compensation becomes painful, forcing the body to adapt further. Using ABC, we can identify the bone that has misaligned forward and treat it. This allows the compensations to unwind, take pressure off parts of the body and allowing the body to redesign itself and change how it functions.
  • Spinal cord tension is responsible for much of our pain.  The cord can twist and stick to the spinal canal walls, reducing the effective function of nerves. This happens with in response to consistent poor posture, physical and emotional trauma. The body is forced to adapt to this tension because it can’t correct it by itself. Sometimes these adaptations create problems for the joints and muscles but allow the nerves to work as well as they can in spite of the spinal cord tension. Our bodies will always prioritise brain and spinal cord health even if it’s at the expense of the muscles and skeleton. ABC is revolutionary because it releases, consistently and safely, deep cord adhesions. This can facilitate a profound release of the spinal cord adhesions that are the basis for many chronic pains. The only other way of consistently releasing spinal cord adhesions is through spinal surgery. Such drastic intervention can provide amazing improvements but also introduce great risk.

Endonasal work can give amazing relief for a variety of conditions. The head is not one bone but many joined together. These joints allow the cranium to ‘breathe’. This movement is essential. If this movement is reduced, headaches and pain in the body can result. People suffering from sinus, breathing and jaw difficulties may also be helped using this technique.

A trained chiropractor can assess whether this adjustment is required and offer it.

Being adjusted with ABC will correct most problems but endonasal is an important additional technique that can make the difference for people. Your chiropractor will tell you more about it when necessary, but please ask your chiropractor for more details.

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