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Come improve your health with one of our chiropractors

At Radiant Health, we specialise in postural correction and relieving the aches and pains that go with it.

We offer the chance of relief to people with different conditions. Many people know us as back pain doctors. We are the obvious place for you if you suffer not only from back pain, but a whole range of complaints such as headaches, migraines to arm, shoulder, leg and foot pain.

It is important to understand that chiropractic does not treat any condition. It reduces tension on nerves. Nerves control how the body works. Relieving their tension affects the body in many ways, the most well known being improving back and neck pain.

What to expect when you come in

1st visit:

You will be one-to-one with your chiropractor. A thorough history of your case history will be taken, followed by a full physical examination. A postural analysis is made at the end of the appointment. This visit will normally take 45 minutes. Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill in essential paperwork.

Treatment may be offered on your first visit but the main focus is on getting all the necessary information to make a diagnosis.

2nd visit:

Your chiropractor will sit with you and go through your diagnosis in detail. They will offer advice and may recommend a treatment plan. We call this visit The Report Of Findings. Once you’ve agreed about how you want to proceed, you may be treated with chiropractic care. This visit may last 45 minutes.


Follow-up sessions:

You may be asked to return for further treatment. The time required for these sessions is shorter than those previous but is equally important.

Wellness Care

Your body is a living system with a significant history. Health is not a one-stop shop, but a continuous pattern of self-respect and positive habits. Chiropractic fits in very well with this philosophy. We will support you to make the best choices for you. If you want to make the improvements you envision, you need the knowledge, time and resources to make that a reality. It means something different for everyone so please ask us what you want when you come in.