How can we help you?

Body function

Is your body getting stiff?

Are you finding it harder to do your normal daily activities?

Does your exercise performance fall short of your expectations?

Are you finding yourself prone to injuries more than in the past?

Are you waking up in more pain than when you went to bed?

Are you getting more pain when sitting at your desk than previously?

These are a few of the functional changes we help people with all the time

Aches and pains

Chiropractors are commonly known for helping with lower back pain. NICE guidelines recommend spinal manipulation in cases of lower back pain and sciatica. We can also help with aches and pains in many parts of the body, including hands, arms, shoulders, neck, head, pelvis, legs, knees, calves, ankles and feet. Many people find that long-standing problems that don’t resolve with exercise, stretching and other therapies respond well to chiropractic care

Poor posture

Slumping forward shoulders, forward head, upper back humping, widows hump, sunken chest, deep lower back curves, pelvic misalignments and many other imbalances

Headaches and migraines

We have tremendous success with reducing and often eliminating the cause of headaches and migraines. There is a great range of causes and those that related to the muskuloskeletal and meningeal anatomy are fair game for us. Endonasal correction is especially helpful in this area.